Avoiding the traps at American Golf

Golf equipment retailer – American Golf - have over 100 stores around the UK and employ around 1,000 people across their multi-channel business.

The primary objective was to assist American Golf with the challenges they faced and to enable a sustainable increase in growth and performance.

We worked closely with them to develop a sales model and structure:

  • All customer facing staff were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge
  • A consistent - ‘We exist to improve our customers’ game’ - approach to the customer service experience
  • Opportunities and performance for customers, staff and American Golf were optimised
  • Stronger relationships with suppliers and business partners

Purple Owl implemented a sales model called ‘GAMES’, trained all 700+ colleagues and managers both in-store and in admin. Every customer-facing employee received a full four days’ of training. This investment by American Golf was rewarded by a more confident sales force, a 20% uplift in nett margin and over £4m in additional profit.

Purple Owl was invited back to build on this success. Firstly, to implement a successful leadership programme alongside sales initial training to ensure embedment. Secondly our new project is designed to improve customer loyalty and drive the company’s net promoter score to rival companies like Apple. Feedback so far has been impressive with customers rating the service they receive highly.

We have achieved all this by working as part of American golf and going the extra mile to understand the business, its people and its customers. All of us at Purple Owl truly feel part of the success story that is American Golf.